Marysville Cooperative Education Partnership (MCEP)



**These responses are geared to our Elementary Program. If you have additional questions about our Middle School Program, please click here.


How much time do I have to volunteer?
You will be required to sign up for a work day and time (2.5 hours per week) with your child's teacher.  The schedule is generally divided into morning and afternoon work periods. If alternate schedules are needed, this must be approved by the teacher. Your time in the classroom usually starts the second or third week of school.

Each family is required to participate on one classroom committee per child in the program.  Committees are determined by the teacher, and the Parent Coordinator for each class will provide a list of those committees for the parents to sign up. 

What if I am sick on my scheduled work day?
Any person unable to fill their time spot on any given day due to illness, vacation, or other reason resulting in their absence is responsible to find a substitute. Always call or email your PC (Parent Coordinator) in advance if you are not able to come in. If arrangements for a substitute cannot be made, the family is responsible to make up any missed classroom time within a time frame agreed upon by the teacher, parent, and Parent Coordinator. Please check with your teacher and PC for make-up options.

Missing a scheduled day in the classroom is a serious breach of the commitment you make to the MCEP. The Parent Participation Agreement explains the step-by-step procedures which occur with non-compliance in regards to work time, field trips, committee work and missing of Parent Meetings.

Who can volunteer their time for my child's education?  
Any reliable adult who is concerned with the education of your child can be their adult volunteer. Friends, grandparents, aunts, uncles and siblings currently help in our classrooms. Every person who volunteers in the classroom must complete a Washington State Patrol (WSP) volunteer application.

Do we go out with the kids during recess?
Yes! We can always use your help during recess.  Remember to dress appropriately.

Do I have to volunteer for a committee? 

How will I be utilized on my "work" day?
During a typical volunteer day, parents can be found in our classrooms doing a wide variety of "jobs", which can include tutoring students in the class, playing games, correcting papers, helping supervise recess, or anything else that the teacher might need a little extra help with.  If you have a special talent, you might even find yourself helping to teach the class a lesson.  There are also other opportunities to help out around the school.  These can be discussed when you come in to tour our program.

Field Trips

What about field trips? 
Field trips are an integral part of the Co-op, providing MCEP students with a vast array of learning experiences not available in a classroom setting.  Students typically will go on one field trip each month, with some going on more from time to time. Teachers will schedule field trips based on their curriculum plan, in an effort to enhance their students' understanding of particular areas of study.

Can I bring my other children on the field trips?
Siblings may not attend field trips.

How many field trips are parents required to attend?
Each family is required to participate on at least two field trips per year, per child.  This involves driving and/or chaperoning. It is recommended that a family participate on a least one field trip per child by January 31, if possible.  

What if the field trip is the same day as my work day?
If the outing falls on your regularly scheduled work day, you may count this as your regular work day, and as one of the two required field trips.  If a field trip falls on your day and you are not going, check with your teacher to see if you are needed at all that day.  

Do I have to meet special requirements to be a driver on a field trip?
In order to be a driver on a field trip, parents must meet Marysville School District insurance requirements.  This requires at least $100,000/$300,000 liability insurance on the vehicle and all drivers must obtain an abstract of their driving record. (if you do this on-line it is not called an abstract, it is called a drivers record. Follow this link to find the information on-line) 

What do I do if my child still uses a booster seat?  
Parents with children still in a booster seat are responsible for making sure their child has one to use the day of the field trip. Current laws must be followed in regards to proper seat belt and booster seat use. Only adults may sit in the front seat.

I am going to be a driver for the next field trip.  What do I do?
Drivers, check out this driver checklist before the field trip with your class!

What about test scores?
MCEP is a part of Marysville School District, our curriculum follows the districts set formula for learning, and Co-op students participate in the state testing.  We believe that the test scores are a direct reflection of the parental involvement and support offered to each child that attends MCEP. 

Who do I turn to if I have questions?
You are never on your own at MCEP. Each class has a PC (Parent Coordinator) to walk you through paperwork, volunteer times, and help you with any other questions you have concerning the cooperative experience. If there is a question or concern which we do not immediately have the answer for, we will work hard and do our best to find one. We are all a part of this family style environment, and pride ourselves on our nurturing and supportive attitudes when it comes to our children, as well as one another.

Does MCEP offer half or full-day Kindergarten?
We offer both! Our half-day Kindergarten is daily from 9:20 am until 12:00 (noon). This is a great choice for those little ones who may want or need that extra time to adjust to school. Or maybe even for those parents who are just not ready to let go just yet. Our half day program offers children the opportunity to interact with one another, and also to gain the skills necessary for success as they enter first grade and beyond. Another wonderful option is our full-day Kindergarten. Perhaps your child has already experienced the benefits of integration and basic skills through a year or two of preschool, or they just may be ready for a full-day program. This option is offered at a cost of $250.00 per month per child at this time. This price is set by the Marysville School District.

Please note:  Should an overwhelming response to the program arise where there are more applicants than spots available in any grade level, a lottery will be conducted. Anyone who does not earn a spot through the lottery will be placed on a waiting list in the same fashion, should a spot become available in the future.


How does the lottery work? 
Our classrooms consist of a maximum of 24 students for K-3rd grades and 27 students for 4th and 5th grades. The way we fill our classes each year is as follows: First, students advancing who are already in the program are moved up; then, siblings of recurring students are placed (mostly these will be Kindergarten); finally, new students are then placed. However, if an overwhelming response to any grade is received through the in-district transfer applications received from the district, then a lottery will be conducted. Families who have applied will be contacted and invited to attend a lottery night. Remaining spots will be filled by pulling numbers from a box at random. Whoever does not receive a spot immediately, will be placed on a waiting list. 


Policies and Procedures

What rules does MCEP follow?

MCEP agrees to adhere to the Marysville School District policies and procedures. Policies specific to MCEP are in the Bylaw manual, and these may be amended once a year at a General Membership Meeting by a two-thirds affirmative vote of the total membership present.  

When do I get a copy of the bylaws?

You will receive the Bylaws and the Policy and Procedure Manual by the end of September. It is also available online on this website for your convenience.

How are policies and procedures changed?
Policies and Procedures can be changed by a majority vote at any monthly Council meeting. They are guidelines which evolve and change as the Co-op grows.

What is the Parent Participation Agreement? 

The Parent Participation Agreement is a contract, signed at the beginning of each new school year, that outlines the requirements for MCEP family participation.  Volunteer paperwork is available here or at the school office.  The paperwork includes a Washington State Patrol volunteer application.  These forms must be completed before classroom participation.  

How is confidentiality handled?

Please keep conversations with other adults out of the instructional environment. Each parent will be required to fill out a confidentiality statement.  

What are the "rules" concerning parents and cell phones?
Cell phones can also be a huge distraction!  No cell phones use in the classroom or hallways.  If you need to make a call, step outside or use the small office in the staff room.

Can younger siblings play on the playground?
They need to stay off of the playground equipment during the day and after school until 4:00 PM.


What happens at the Co-op Council Meetings?
Ongoing business and changes to the Policy and Procedures Manual are conducted at Council Meeting, held the 4th Thursday of the month.  Anyone can attend, but only Council members may vote.  Guests may request to present information or suggestions at the Council Meeting by submitting a written request to one of the Co-chairs.

What are Parent meetings?
Membership Meetings, often referred to as Parent Meetings, are mandatory and held the 2nd Thursday of each month, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM beginning in the gym. The general meeting portion includes voting on primary issues, such as how money is spent, and this is your chance to have a voice in the Co-op and learn important Co-op wide information.  After this portion of the meeting, parents go to their child's class for a classroom meeting.  

What if I can not make the meeting for some reason?
If you can't make it you can get someone to fill in for you, so long as it isn't someone already in the class.  In case of an emergency, call your Parent Coordinator.  The meetings are scheduled the same time/day each month.  Please plan appropriately, so you can attend these important meetings.

Are children allowed at the meetings?
Only children under the age of one are allowed at the Parent Meetings. 


How is the Co-op Funded?
MCEP is a school in the Marysville School District. It is funded the same way that other schools in the district are funded. The special financial needs of the Co-op are funded solely from parental support.  Monies are used by the classrooms to fund field trips and outdoor school as well as pay for items that the District does not provide. The monies are obtained in two ways:

1. Monthly donations:

Parents are asked to donate $10 per child enrolled in the Co-op each month in which school is in session. Donations are voluntary and anonymous.

2. Annual fundraisers:

 The annual fundraisers are a means of supplementing the monthly donation system, so that all families, regardless of their ability to contribute financially, can participate.

Are the donations tax deductible?
The Co-op is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization; all donations are tax-deductible.

How else can I donate to the Co-op?
Many companies offer matching donation programs for charitable giving by their employees. Organizations such as the Boeing Company and United Way will match any contributions made to the Co-op, if employees will complete and return the appropriate paperwork.  The Co-op Treasurer keeps the Boeing matching funds paperwork on hand and can answer questions regarding other employer's charitable contributions programs.

How are funds allocated?

Of the money donated by parents and through matching funds and business incentive funded programs, at least 80% of the projected revenue is to be divided evenly among the classroom funds. No more than 20% of the projected amount can be used for administrative costs of the program.

Fundraiser net profits are distributed as follows:
  • 50% to Outdoor School

  • 25% to Classroom funds

  • 25% to  Durable goods

Our fundraiser for the past two years has solely been our auction.  Participation in the auction is voluntary, but very much appreciated.

Can you tell me more about the Parent Coordinators (PCs)?

Parent Coordinators (PCs) are a key part of the Co-op's structure. They support and assist the teacher, while supporting and representing the parents in their class. If parents have concerns or issues with Co-op policies or procedures, they should contact their PC, who acts as their representative on the Co-op Council.

Parent Coordinators collect and distribute all Co-op paperwork for parents, making sure that forms are received and forwarded to the appropriate parties at the beginning of each school year. PCs are responsible for monitoring every parent's classroom time and following the Policy and Procedure Manual.

They are relentlessly helpful and take their responsibility to represent their class seriously.

Do you have a special talent to share?
If you have a special talent to offer, fill out this form and share the information with your teacher!  If you know of someone who could come is as a guest speaker share this with your teacher! 

What is the reading program at the school? 
The reading program at our school is called Balanced Literacy.  Balanced Literacy is a framework designed to help all students learn to read and write effectively. This balance between reading and writing allows students to receive the teaching needed in order to reach grade level status.


What is the math program at the school? 

The Math program at our school is called Everyday Mathematics

. There are class, home and online components to this program.

Does the school have Specialists?
We have 3 specialists: PE, Music and Library. If you are working during a specialist time, please go with the class and help in any way possible.  Your presence is always a huge help.



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